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Potomac Red Tape: Flooding Brings Back Access Legalities

With Washington, D.C.’s Potomac River reaching the near-flood level of 60,000 cfs this month, prompting big water dogs to come out of the woodwork to tackle its whitewater, it brings back the memory from 20 years ago of former US Slalom Team member Davey Hearn getting arrested by the park service in 1996 at more than 100,000 cfs for surfing an epic wave…which begs the question: two decades later, can the park service legally ban these paddlers from the Potomac River when it approaches flood level? Read more.

National Paddling Film Festival Set for Feb. 19-20

Want to get your paddling juices flowing like a river? Head to the National Paddling Film Festival (NPFF), February 19-20, in Frankfort, Kentucky, for a celebration of the best in paddling footie and a chance to party with the world over. And you can help raise money for river conservation and access in the popcorn-eating process…. Read more.

Hyperlite Nudges Past Paddling Co’s for American Made Outdoor Gear Award

Hyperlite Mountain Gear was named the overall winner of the fourth-annual American Made Outdoor Gear Award, announced at this winter’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City, Utah, beating three paddlesports companies – Jackson Kayaks, Werner Paddles and Wenonah Canoe – that also made the final cut for award, sponsored by Kokatat... Read more.

Inside The Revenant's Whitewater Footie

Watch "The Revenant" and you might recognize a few scenes shot on Montana’s Kootenai River. To get the shots, producers teamed up with staff at the Whitewater Rescue Institute (WRI) to help its stunt doubles (sorry, no Leonardo DiCaprio) shoot the river scenes. WRI director Cody Harris. We caught up with WRI director Cody Harris for his take on helping Hollywood… Read more.

Video of the Day

Hang in there, buddy: Dramatic kayak rescue footage...

Money Shot

Dane Jackson en route to the gold medal at this year's World Freestyle kayak Championships on the Ottawa. Photo courtesy Andrew Holcombe/Jackson Kayaks

Paddling Life Exclusives

New Record Set for Grand Descent

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That’s the mantra of Ben Orkin, 25, who, after coming up a few hours short due to repairing his partner’s sea kayak last year, went back to the Grand Canyon drawing board this January to set a new speed record for paddling the Big Ditch at 34 hours, 2 minutes. And get this: his record came just a day after Matt Klema, who launched Wed., Jan. 20, in a party of four, bested the previous mark in 35 hours, 5 minutes. Read more.

“River of Sorrow: The Dolores River Project” Film to Highlight Southern Colorado Waterway

Multimedia production company Rig to Flip produces new film dedicated to water education and awareness about Colorado's de-watered Dolores River. (By Audrey Dwyer/) Read more.

5 Minutes with the DeRiemers

Fresh back from a November first descent in Bhutan (yet another under their spray skirts), Phil and Mary DeRiemer, owners of DeRiemer Adventure Kayaking, are getting after it as hard as ever guiding fellow paddlers down some of the best rivers in the world. We caught up with them in the middle of their 30th season before the frenzy of 2016 kicks in. Read more.

River Permit-mania! Get the Lowdown Here

Okay, all you free-loading dirtbags. No more free lunch. It's permit season. So get off your duff and send in your applications for your favorite river trip instead of waiting to get asked along. Plus, that way you can invite who you want (which hopefully will include us). Here's all the info you need... Read more.

Paddling Life's All-time Best River Songs

Though it’s hard to compare any sound to the river’s gurgle, some songs can keep you stoked to stroke even when you’re stuck in the office. Following are a few of our all-time favorites that provide subtle—and not-so-subtle--reminders of river running. Warning: we're not responsible for off-key renditions in the shower. Read more.

Happy New Year! American Whitewater Recap of Accomplishments from 2015

With 2016 in full swing, river conservation organization American Whitewater tips its hats to its supporters and long list of accomplishments over the past year. Read on for a quick rundown on its successes… Read more.

World Rafting Championships Wrap Up in Indonesia; Brazil Takes Top Honors

Just a half year before the world’s best canoeists and kayakers battle for top bragging rights on its home turf at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Brazilian rafters showed that they’re the cream of the crop in the rafting world. Brazil won both the men’s and women’s U23 categories, as well as the Open Men’s division at the World Rafting Championships in Indonesia. Read more.

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