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RMR and Tight Inflatable Release New Angler Boat, the CatPhish

After frustration with some of the angler boats on the market, Rocky Mountain Raft's sister company Tight Inflatables, releases their new fishing boat, the CatPhish. "While...

Gearlab Launches the Malik: A First-in-Kind Polypropylene Greenland Paddle

For the past eight years, Gearlab has designed and manufactured Greenland-style carbon-fiber paddles for ocean kayakers around the world. Now, in an effort to...
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Madawaska Kanue Center Extends Season

Why let a good thing go? The folks over at Madawaska Kanue Center are having so much fun, they decided to extend their season an...

5 Tips to Become A Better Kayak Angler

Kayak fishing is booming, and a lot of people have learned just how easy it is to get into. Here are a few tips at how...
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