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Hobie Joins Forces with Traditions Media

Oceanside, CA (February 18, 2019) – Hobie is proud to announce the addition of fishing industry PR company Traditions Media to its team, effective...

Company Spotlight: Advanced Elements — From Waterbeds to IKs

Someone who invented a product that lets you sleep on water is also good at designing products that let you paddle on it. Such is...
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Say It Ain’t So: Zambezi River’s Batoka Gorge Threatened By Dam

Now it’s getting personal. As if losing the awesome whitewater on Uganda's White Nile wasn't enough, now dam-makers have their sites set on Africa's famed...

Jackson RV Goes for a Swim

"So, this is not how I imagined this would go... looks like my dog didn’t think I was moving fast enough and gave me...
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