Aire Ocelot and Jaguarundi


Getting down the river and having a good time is never mutually exclusive. So in the name of fun, AIRE has redesigned its Ocelot ($1,799, pictured) and Jaguarundi ($1,999) catarafts. The Ocelot excels as a whitewater play boat and can be easily rigged for one or two people to carry a medium load of gear on multi-day trips. It also sports more rise in the bow and stern with rubber ergo handles and a frame chafe strip. The increased kick has made the Ocelot faster, easier to maneuver and better at punching through mammoth hydraulics—just ask Mark Cramer, a Triple Crown veteran who consulted on the redesign. The Jaguarundi has also received a lift in the bow and stern, along with the updated rubber handles and chafe strips. The Jaguarundi is Aire’s premiere boat for another kind of fun: wilderness tripping.