Folbot Edisto Set To Make Waves


Folbot’s most friendly and versatile boat is being released in four configurations in 2008 to please a broader range of paddlers. “Truly the sportsman’s dream kayak,” says company president David AvRutick. “The next generation Edisto offers the quality, stability and performance characteristics of all Folbot models and has upgrades that are designed specifically to enhance fishing and photography expeditions and add flexibility to extended paddles.”

The standard Edisto is available with a number of deck options, one of which minimizes the open cockpit area and with a spray skirt makes the Edisto river-worthy or capable of being paddled through ocean swells. A paddle, footpegs and carry bags are standard, and a rudder and safety bladders are available options. Three other upgraded versions of the kayak are being offered to meet the growing demand for more specialized vessels.

The Fish ‘n Photo package is released in response to the need of photogs, anglers and nature enthusiasts for a craft designed specifically to get them and their gear to their favorite inland or near-shore spots, providing a solid sporting platform.

FishBait Marketing’s Grace LaSueur believes that the Fish ‘n Photo Edisto is “ideal for kayak anglers and photographers because an outrigger system stabilizes the kayak, giving users the ability to stand on the platform to fish or take pictures.” In addition to the extra stability, this model offers a rod holder and clamp mount, the higher sit-on-top seat, floorboard and mini sprayskirt.

The Expedition Mini Package is made for shorter trips through bays, estuaries, rivers and larger bodies of water. It includes a mini sprayskirt, wilderness repair kit, small rudder and padded longerons.

The Expedition Full Package allows paddlers to take extended voyages or handle rougher conditions. Included in this package are padded longerons, a small rudder, the wilderness repair kit and full spray skirt.

The 12’6” Edisto fits into one or two bags and has a 300 pound capacity, and is sold with a lifetime warrantee. Check out Folbot for more information.