River Aid – The Descent to Give Back



In May 2009, Todd Toledo and Matt Solomon will launch on the Colorado River in Rocky Mountain National Park for a 4-month long, 1500-mile expedition down the Colorado River. They will complete the trip in whitewater kayaks and rafts. A documentary of the expedition and the issues surrounding the Western United States largest source of water will be the first of several steps to educate the public on the water issues faced currently and in the future.

“The RiverAid initiative has three primary goals: one – to complete the first full descent of the Colorado River, two – to establish a student grant for further research into methods or techniques for water conservation, and three – to donate all profits at the end of 2009 to non-profit groups in support of water sustainability,” Solomon says.

With combined river experience of almost 30 years, this partnership has the experience and the passion for an expedition such as this. Both Matt and Todd have made livings for many years using the waterways around the world and fully appreciate – and seen first hand – many of the issues revolving around water in the west. The company plans to fund the expedition and company through grants, fundraisers, and sponsorships. If there is interest in this project for 2009 or future years, RiverAid can be contacted at info@RiverAid.org.