AIRE Cougar On The Prowl Again


While most cougars are known to prowl ski resorts, don’t be surprised if they start showing up a little closer to the river. Next season AIRE watercrafts if bringing back their classic cataraft from the brink of extinction and reintroducing them into the wild…

Discontinued over ten years ago, the Cougar is still one of the most sought after Aire products. In an effort to appease increasing customer demand AIRE has confirmed that it will produce a limited run of the legendary “quad-tube” design watercraft.

The Cougar has long been a favorite among adventure seekers for its well documented performance. With a shallow draft, low profile, great tracking, uber-stable platform and unmatched load capacity, this boat has much to offer. This Cougar has proven its excellence worldwide, including traversing the class V North Fork Payette, hauling large game in wild Alaska and acting as a cozy vehicle for Grand Canyon expeditions.

This cat isn’t going to stick around for long, though. Authorized dealerships are only able to take orders through March 31, 2011. After that the Cougar will go back into hibernation for an unspecified time.

Check out the Air website for more information and to find an authorized AIRE delership:

AIRE Cougar dimensions:
Length Tube Dia. Bow/Stern Rise Weight # Chambers 2” Waterline
18’ 18” 20” 130 lbs 4 124”