Fluid Sit-On-Top Whitewater Kayak Hits Markets in 2012


Fluid Kayaks is in the last stages of product testing for a new option for beginner kayakers. Their new sit-on-top kayak is designed to provide performance comparable to their closed-hull counterparts while decreasing anxiety and fear from being trapped in an enclosed boat. Ideal for all size users, this new sit-on-top kayak is expected to change the way beginners approach learning to kayak.

For many beginners, the greatest fear associated with learning to kayak is the idea of being fastened into an enclosed kayak with a spray skirt. Fluid’s new sit-on-top whitewhater kayak is likely to ease those fears. “We tested it with local kayak schools in the past few weeks. The kind of clients who normally bail after the first day of the course now continue with this sit-on-top, and they love it” said Celliers Kruger of Fluid Kayaks. “Normally we loose these potential paddlers from the sport completely after their first capsize in a kayak with a cockpit and spraydeck.”

Although there are a number of sit-on-top kayaks already on the market, including several made by Fluid, this will be the first whitewater-specific sit-on-top available. With production expected to begin in January, 2012, It is likely that Fluid’s new sit-on-top whitewater kayak will provide those who are interested in learning to whitewater kayak, but are not yet comfortable with closed-hull boats to continue to enjoy the sport.