New Kayak Angler Paddles


Whether you’re hitting your favorite local lake or river, or your planning an exotic kayak fishing getaway, good gear is essential. Of course the right rod and reel, as well as a high quality boat are essential, but without the right paddle your dead in the water.

As a long time industry leader in touring paddles, Bending Branches continues to provide Wisconsin made, competition quality products to paddlers at all levels. With the announcement of a full line of new kayak angler paddles, Bending Branches now provides paddles for the full range of paddlers who are hooked on kayak fishing.

Every one of Bending Branches’ new kayak angler paddles meets the quality and performance expectations that serious kayak anglers expect. They also come with sport-specific features including a built-in tape measure with both inches and centimeters, making it easier for anglers to gauge their catch. Other available features include a hook retrieval system built into the blade, as well as both dark and light colored blades.

Whether you’re new to the sport or you’re a long time kayak angler, Bending Branches has an ideal kayak angler paddle for you. Visit their website at to learn more about this exciting new line of paddles or to check out any one of their other performance paddles.