AussieAussies Paddle 600 Miles in Kayaks Made from Plastic Bottles


Sorry, all you eco-conscious boat manufacturers. A group of paddlers from Australia has you beat, recently building four kayaks out of more than 3,000 plastic bottles for a 600-mile expedition down the continent’s Whaganui River…

The Aussies constructed the four craft to raise awareness of the overuse of plastic in the world. To call attention to the fact, they put them to use in the best way they thought possible: building four kayaks out of over 3,000 plastic bottles for a 1,000-kilometer expedition down the Whaganui River. The kayaks were constructed using old plastic bottles, portions of bamboo, and plastic zip ties to hold the hulls together.

In all, 25 Australians participated in the adventure, switching in and out of the plastic bottle boats. All four kayaks emerged from the expedition intact.

For video of the expedition, click here