300 Miles To Go: Polish Paddler Doba Back on Pace to FInish Atlantic Crossing


Doba, a retired engineer from Poland, left Lisbon, Portugal, in his kayak on October 5, 2013, and is paddling for New Smyrna Beach, Florida, 4,700 nautical miles away. If successful, he will be the first person to kayak between the most distant points located on the coasts of Europe and North America.

“From SPOT observation points, we learn that Doba is approaching Florida, the conclusion of his expedition, at a fast pace,” writes friend and supporter Piotr Chmielinski for National Geographic Adventure.

Chmielinski reports that following a short break due to a forced landing in Bermuda to repair a broken rudder, Doba he returned to the Atlantic on March 25 on a boat named the Spirit of Adventure, at the exact location where his original route was interrupted. In less than two weeks, he has paddled almost half of the remaining 700-mile route, and in the last four days, thanks to favorable winds. he has covered nearly 250 miles.

He adds that Doba’s also traveling faster because his kayak now has no wings (roll bar) to bring it back upright in event of a capsize, making it faster. The wings broke off accidentally while the kayak was being re-launched into the ocean from the ship.

“The roar of falling water and noise of the wind drowned out the cracking sound of the wings breaking off,” writes Chmielinski. “Fortunately, Doba wasn’t hurt.”

Salvaging the navigation light and antenna radar from the broken wings, Doba started paddling again to become the first in history to kayak between the most distant points located on the coasts of Europe and North America.

At the time of departure from the Spirit of Bermuda, Doba expected that he would arrive in Florida within five to six weeks. However, given his current pace, he may arrive sooner.

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