Low Water Means No New Records, But Successful Yukon River Quest


Two Numbnuts took the top prize. Open to solo and tandem canoes and kayaks, and Voyageur canoes, the Yukon River Quest is an annual marathon canoe and kayak race drawing paddlers from around the world to race 444 miles day and night from Whitehorse to Dawson City, Yukon. While this year’s event drew near record numbers, lower than average water levels spelled no new records on times, with 48 teams of the 66 registered finishing and the tandem team of Two Numbnuts taking top honors…

The first team in was the British tandem kayak Two Numbnuts, paddled by Shaun Thrower and Steve King in 45 hours, 30 minutes, 32 seconds. Solo kayaker Dave Hutchinson of the U.S. finished next in 46:25:52, nearly an hour behind, while third to cross the line was the Yukon voyageur team Ts’alvit in 48:43:26.

“It was memorable for its rocky start with all teams battling breakers that blew up from the south as they were getting on Lake Laberge,” says organizer Jeff Brady of the 16th running of the event. “Overall, there were 18 scratches. But after persevering through those tough conditions, most teams had good weather all the way to Dawson City.”

He adds that the rough start resulted in a few “dramatic rescues,” and that lower water levels slowed times somewhat over previous years.

Solo Classes
Open C1

1. Team 36, Races Beyond Reason, Gaetan Plourd, [49:48:57]
2. Team 19, Wun-Num-Nut, Jeff Brainard, [50:31:12]

Women’s K1
1. Team 62 Wave Eater Art [57:24:29]

Men’s K1
1. Team 6, Time to Go, Dave Hutchison, [46:25:52]
2. Team 44, Veni Vidi Vici, Thomas de Jaeger [51:36:16]
3. Team 18, Akita, Wayne Anderson [52:43:18]

Overall Solo
1. Team 6, Time to Go, Dave Hutchison, [46:25:52]
2. Team 36, Races Beyond Reason, Gaetan Plourde, [49:48:57]
3. Team 19, Wun-Num-Nut, Jeff Brainard, [50:31:12]

Men C2
1. Team 43, Puha no Huahine, Philippe Esteva/Nicolas Esteva, [49:54:10]
2. Team 11, Paddler of Fortune, Philippe Heitz/Arthur Sucker, [52:08:20]
3. Team 65, Pull Aim Click Bang, Lukas Stutzer/Alex Buetow [53:35:23]

Overall C2
1. Team 38, Hurry Hard, Brandon Johnston/Shona Barbour [52:16:37]
2. Team 63, Northern Allies, Patrick Poulin/Natalie Vachon [54:03:50]
3. Team 51, Hippy Dippy, Jeremy Staveley/Gillian Stavely [54:44:37]

Tandem Kayak

Women K2
1. Team 42 The Girls from Oz (63:13:24)

Mixed K2
1. Team 24 The Barefoot Paddlers (59:19:04)

Men K2
1. Team 35, Two Numbnuts, Shaun Thrower/Steve King, [45:30:32]
2. Team 12, Blurred River Lines, Matt Kellow/Sharman Learie, [53:07:57]

Info: yukonriverquest.com