ACA Releases New Paddling App


Filling out a float plan, checking your waterway’s conditions and accessing safety tips just got a whole lot easier. It’s now right at your fingertips thanks to the new Paddle Ready App being debuted by the American Canoe Association and U.S. Coast Guard.

The new free app is designed for paddlers who want to maximize their fun and safety on the water, says ACA COO Chris Stec. Available for free on the App Store and Google Play, Paddle Ready allows users to get real-time conditions for various paddling venues, fill out a float plan and send it to friends, search for ACA instructors and courses, and more. It also puts important safety and rescue information right at paddlers’ fingertips.

“More than ever before, people are choosing paddlesports as a way to stay active and spend time with family and friends in the great outdoors,” says Stec. “With the influx of novice paddlers on all types of waterways comes increased risk. The ACA, with funding from the U.S. Coast Guard, created the user-friendly Paddle Ready app to empower individuals with the right knowledge, equipment, and support necessary to have more fun on the water while staying safe.”

Paddlecraft, he adds, were involved in nearly 20 percent of all boating-related deaths in 2013, according to U.S. Coast Guard 2013 Recreational Boating Statistics. Recognized as the “Gold Standard” in paddlesports education, the ACA’s National Paddlesports Instruction Program touts the new app as the newest addition to its ongoing campaign to develop, produce, and disseminate safety, education and instruction programs to the nation’s paddlers.

“It should benefit new and experienced paddlers alike,” says Stec. “It will help inform your friends and family where you’ll be paddling, let you quickly check the conditions of your favorite routes, allow you to watch videos to refresh your memory on self-rescue techniques, and more. It also makes it easier to connect with local ACA-certified instructors and get involved with the paddlesports community at both a state and national level.”

“We built this app with one goal in mind,” he adds. “To maximize your fun and safety on the water.”

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