Jackson Family New Year’s Resolutions!


Looking ahead to 2015, Eric Jackson and his family, who run Jackson Kayak, have a lot to be thankful for. But there’s always room for improvement as well, as illustrated by their below resolutions for the new year.

“There’s a lot to be excited about heading into 2015 with travels, competitions, new products, getting together with longtime friends and making new ones,” says EJ. “We wish everyone a new year filled with many happy moments on and off the water.”

Without further ado, here are their resolutions for 2015:

Eric Jackson
– Spend more time with KC in the outdoors
– Develop my fishing career at the pro level.

Kristine Jackson
– Run in one organized race per month
– Get through all the levels of Guitar Hero Smash Hits on Hard

Emily Jackson
– Learn three new freestyle moves
– Get Tucker on the water and outside as much as possible
– Conditional resolution: Run a marathon (if my knees allow)

– To stay positive no matter the situation
– Enjoy every day everywhere

– Take the training wheels off my bike
– Share my toys with Tucker