Salamader Debuts New Boat-Bike Trailer


There’s a new bike trailer in town for boats. Doing its part to save the planet while promoting non-motorized water access, paddlesports accessory company Salamander recently unveiled its new Bike Trailer for getting sit-down and stand-up paddlers and their favorite craft to and from the water.

“We spent a lot of time, effort and R&D designing it as the perfect bike trailer,” says Salamander President Shane Preston. “It’s lightweight, portable, super stable and easy to use. Plus, it’s stealthy design lets you cover more ground more efficiently than any other trailer on the market. This will help all paddlers save gas and the planet, as well as that frustrating time lost from looking for a parking spot.”

The new, 30-lb. Bike Trailer is designed for watercraft of all walks, from whitewater and sea kayaks to canoes, IKs and stand-up paddleboards. Its versatility owes itself to its unique adjustability, allowing it fit craft ranging from 6- to 18-feet long. It’s also been field tested to more than 100 lbs., meaning no paddlecraft is too small or too big.

Its versatility with different bike models is also
far-reaching, thanks to an innovative, 180-degree swivel and adjustable seat post clamp that fits all makes and models. This makes it suitable for everything from road bikes for longer shuttles to
cruiser bikes for that quick foray down to the beach.

It comes with a storage bag to help carry all your loose gear right to the water and retails for $229.95.


Watch video HERE