Former ACA Executive Director Leaving Country to Escape Trump


Call it a four-year portage around a rapid. According to Karen Heller in a recent story in the Washington Post, former American Canoe Association executive director Jeff Yeager is getting out of Dodge, leaving the country with his wife Denise, to escape Donald Trump.

Yeager, who ran the ACA for nearly 15 years in its hey day through the ‘90s and into the 2000s, seeing record membership, spearheaded the purchase of Paddler magazine, oversaw the Subaru Rendezvous event series, established grant ties with the U.S. Coast Guard and facilitated the Finlandia Clean Water Challenge race, and more.

After his ACA career, he continued in the nonprofit fundraising sector in Washington D.C., before turning to writing in 2005, with his breakout Ultimate Cheapskate series, earning him appearances on the Today Show .

He splans to leave as soon as he can, likely to Europe.

From the story:

“Make me an offer,” says Jeff Yeager with a sweep of his arm, taking in the sylvan Accokeek, Md., spread he’s putting on the market and is eager to unload. Because this man is getting out of Dodge. Leaving the United States. Escaping Donald J. Trump.
Yeager, a self-employed writer, and his wife plan to spend the coming year roaming the globe in search of a new home where they will live for four years. Or possibly eight.
“Trumping out,” Yeager calls it. Sort of like extended political camping.
“When the devastation of the election hit,” he says, “we thought, ‘Let’s just leave and travel, travel, travel and see where it takes us.’ ”

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