Confluence Steps Up for Texas Hurricane Rescue Efforts


Confluence Outdoor coordinated with Houston, Texas, authorities to provide Harris County with some much needed rescue boats in the way it knows best — kayaks and accessories.

The company is delivering a semi-truck load of premium, stable, high-capacity Wilderness Systems and Perception kayaks, ideal for transporting supplies and supporting the rescue of people and animals.

Confluence is also supplying paddles and PFDs for both adults and children to directly support ongoing flood rescue efforts in the Houston area. The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey has led to unprecedented watershed rises across Harris County, home to 4.5 million people in the Houston region. Officials estimate that up to 30 percent of homes in the area are under water.

“Our hearts are with the people of Houston. As a company, we have members of our team, retail partners and family in the area,” said Rich Krause, CEO of Confluence Outdoor. Harris County Precinct One and the Houston Police Department will use the boats for high-water rescue throughout the roughly 444-square-mile affected region — an area six times the size of Washington D.C.

“In working directly with the authorities, we were able to assess the specific needs for rescue and water evacuations and deliver specific kayaks capable of safely rescuing victims of the hurricane,” said Krause. “We coordinated with the Houston Police Department, Harris County and local non-profits to deliver exactly the boats needed as quickly as possible to save lives and assist in the rescue efforts.”

Krause and the team at Confluence will continue to work with the Houston Police Department to monitor and further respond to the region’s ongoing needs for high-water rescue boats.

Confluence Outdoor encourages customers who want to support relief efforts to donate directly to the United Way of Greater Houston.

As you probably know, Confluence Outdoor is the result of the blending of eight unique watersports brands: Wilderness Systems, Perception Kayaks, Dagger, Wave Sport Europe, Mad River Canoe, Adventure Technology paddles, Harmony Gear, and Boardworks Surf. They are located in Greenville, S.C. where they are proud to manufacture all of their boats.