Straight to the Pub: Duo Completes Canoe Paddle (Yes, Canoe) Around Britain


Colin Skeath and Davis Gould-Duff completed the voyage paddling around Britain July 25 at Strontian, after paddling and sailing an estimated 2,100 miles, clockwise, with single-blades.

The pair paddled over 86 days and completed several challenging crossings including Wales to Northern Ireland.

“I enjoyed 90 percent of the trip,” says Skeath. “Ten percent was just real hard work. It was quite exciting at times. It has never been done in an open canoe.”

Skeath said he and Gould-Duff, 25, from Limerick in Ireland, had the ocassional “odd tiff but generally it was fantastic, he was a solid partner in a boat.”

The team used a Swift Temagemi open canoe for the challenge and were raising money for the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice in Huddersfield, which supports children with life shortening conditions and their families.

Lest you think there might have been difficult times accomplishing such a feat in an open boat, you’re spot on. Especially with 10 crossings over 40 miles.

“The circumnavigation was physically and mentally challenging, especially the big crossings where one poor decision could leave you in a bad predicament,” says Skeath. “The real achievement on this trip though, is letting people see what an open canoe is capable of.

“We met some fantastic people on our journey and I am so grateful for the support we received on the way,” he adds.