The River Quiver Delivers


Tired of having your fly rod bounce along in the back of your car next to all your boating and ski gear? Or having to rig it every time you wet a line?

Enter the River Quiver from Riversmith, a way to cartop your rod (in two- and four-rod configurations), increasing yours, and your fly’s, time on the water.

The inside of the Two-Banger, with reel box open.

The Quiver tops others on the market with several innovations. Top-loaders are cumbersome to load and larger, making them more expensive and worsening gas mileage. Other back-loaders are limited in their size range. With the capacity for small to large reels—perfect for fishing that 3-weight in the morning, streamer fishing an 8-weight in the afternoon, and wrestling Steelheads with an 11-weight the next day—the River Quiver is one design to slay them all. Store both your fresh- and saltwater rods side by side.

Beaten with hammers by designers to test durability, River Quivers are as rugged as the tightest canyon you’ll fish. They’re also difficult to break into, with a full lock system thwarting rod thieves (save the thievery for fish stealing your flies).

For rod access, a side-opening door is easy to reach, load and lock all from the ground – even on tall trucks.

The Two-Banger, which we tested this fall on traipses to the Yampa River, fits two rods up to 10 feet, including most single-handed rods and reels up to 11-weight. Made from custom profile 6063-T5 Aluminum rod tubes that are strong and lightweight, it attaches easily to most standard and aero roof rack bars, with spacer kits available for custom heights. Helping mounting is a heavy-duty center coupler to enhance strength; Mount Lock security hardware is also available for further security.

It fit atop the Yakima bars on our townie Ford Explorer fishing mobile perfectly, easily staying clear of the rear hatch.

And don’t worry about any scuffs to your prized rod. A custom interior liner protects rods and guides from damage and enables easy slide-in entry. With an aerodynamic profile for reduced drag and wind noise, the carrier also comes with a Locked & Loaded limited lifetime warranty.

The Four-Banger offers all these same features in a four-rod case.