RMR and Tight Inflatable Release New Angler Boat, the CatPhish


After frustration with some of the angler boats on the market, Rocky Mountain Raft’s sister company Tight Inflatables, releases their new fishing boat, the CatPhish.

“While researching personal fishing crafts online we determined that there were many sub par boats built at a really high retail price point. We wanted to take quality materials, innovative design, and high tech manufacturing technology and build an affordable, more practical, and longer lasting fishing water craft,” says Bobby Bower of RMR.

Ergo the CatPhish.

One of the biggest issues with other catarafts is dealing with the expensive and complicated frames needed to hold the tubes together. The CatPhish integrates thwart technology and PVC fabric that keeps the boat durable and rigid, giving it the stability and flotation of a raft. But like any good cat, the CatPhish is light-weight and nimble, getting you in and out of currents in any type of water.

With a hard Drop-Stitch floor and optional lean bars, the CatPhish is ultimately built to catch phish; but to call it just an angler boat falls short. “The Tight Inflatable CatPhish is really five boats in one. It can be paddled with the family on rivers from Class I to Class V or as your experience allows. With the row frame modules it can be center mounted, rear mounted, or set up for solo or tandem fisherman. We’ve even developed a custom aluminum motor mount so the boat can be used on lakes and ponds.  Priced to fit any family budget and still sturdy enough to run the Grand Canyon,” says Bower.

TI handpicks their partners so you can buy the best combo of components all in the same place. Check out the packages at www.tightinflatables.com