Building a Better Mouse…er…Cam Strap?

And you thought no one could ever improve upon the ol' cam strap...
River runners might pride themselves on the simplicity and bombproofness of the good ol’ cam strap, but now even they’ve been improved a notch with, wait for it…magnets. Witness the new Click-Strap, the first self-latching tie down strap for kayaks, canoes and SUPs, freshly launched on Kickstarter…

Out of Bellingham, Wash., and designed by longtime industry vet Tom Swetish, the Click-Strap is “the first ever self-latching tie down strap for kayaks, canoes and SUPs.” Its high-power magnets and easy to use latching system enable the the patent-pending Click-Strap to mak securing your kayak, canoe or paddleboard to your vehicle easier than ever.

To use, simply slide the Click-Strap over your boat and the strap’s powerful magnets take it from there. Once the magnets have located the anchor they’ll snap into place. A quick pull on the webbing transfers the load and positions the boat on the rack through a strong and secure stainless steel latching system. Once the magnet catches on both sides you tighten as you would any other now-ancient cam strap.

When you’re ready to remove your boat, simply loosen the web strap and pull the release rope. The system stores in a handy carry bag which doubles as a warning flag for the stern of your boat.

Click-Strap also introduces the complementary Contour Cradle system. Designed for carrying composite boats and SUPs, the cradle can be custom shaped to the exact profile of a hull. This means even support distributed over a large area which protects your fragile investment. Additionally, the full support of the cradles provide unmatched control and security of your boat - particularly in cross wind situations.


Visit Kickstarter page here.

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