Katadyn Vario

Katadyn has always been at the top of the water filtration heap and now with their new Vario ($80), the Swiss-made company ups the ante indefinitely. A ceramic disc protects the primary filter for longer use in dirtier water conditions. Giardia be-gone baby. This stylish-looking filterís flow can be adjusted with a simple turn. Replaceable carbon cores keep water fresher and tasting like youíre actually drinking straight from the mountain stream. The carbon also reduces chemicals and pesticides and can be replaced so youíll get maximum life from your pump and each one lasts up to 500 gallons. As is standard now-days, this tool attaches to any Nalgene-type bottle for easy water collection. And weighing only 15 ounces, itíll be hard to notice the Vario in the back of your boat. Dehydration is bad. Clean water is good. Donít get caught being thirsty.


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