Corran Addison: Back With Soul (and Acquires Seven 2 Paddles)

Fresh back in Canada after selling off his Southern California Corran SUP venture, Corran Addison isnít wasting anytime getting back involved in the paddlesports business, be it standing up or sitting down. While the ink isnít even dry on the formation of his latest kayak company Soul Waterman, he also recently acquired paddle company Seven 2.

Gear-oírama: Paddlesports Gear Roundup!

What does five days of hob-knobbing with the top players in paddlesports at the annual Outdoor Retailer tradeshow in Salt Lake City get you? Red eyes, sore feet, a couple of Utah-beer, bloated-belly hang-overs and the following rundown of a few products youíll see on retailersí shelves this coming seasonÖ

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