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The World’s Smallest Kayak?

Honey, I shrunk the boat! With all due credit to Jackson Kayak for its kid-sized Fun1 line, now that he has a child of his own who else but longtime boat designer Corran Addison would design an even smaller kayak for his kid? Read on for a step-by-step photo sequence of the glorified foamie getting built…

Gear-o’rama: Paddlesports Gear Roundup!

What does five days of hob-knobbing with the top players in paddlesports at the annual Outdoor Retailer tradeshow in Salt Lake City get you? Red eyes, sore feet, a couple of Utah-beer, bloated-belly hang-overs and the following rundown of a few products you’ll see on retailers’ shelves this coming season…

Field Report: Testing the Jackson Karma RG Self-support on the Grand

For Jimmy Hostetter, Luke Farny and friends, running the entire Grand Canyon in five days in December provided the perfect reprieve for coming back in the nick of time to study for and take college exams. It also provided the chance to test out the Jackson Karma RG kayak in the exact conditions it was designed for…

Paddlesports in 2013

We came, we saw, we paddled. A look back at some of the 2013 highlights from the competitive paddling planet...

Dragorossi’s Mad Boy

Turn up the volume--Corran’s newest river running creeker takes on high-flows and steep creeks thanks to a design tweak that represents a break from the Dragorossi norm.

Wave Sport Habitat

Creek boaters need a home. Wave Sport brings them a downriver ecosystem with the Habitat($1,000)--one of the company’s more anticipated releases.

Paddling Life’s Spring Pick Off

We love rivers. We know gear. So here's our Spring Picks, including Pyranha, Dagger, Jackson and Liquidlogic WW kayaks; drysuits from IR, Kokatat and Palm; and a review of Yakima's SkyBox Pro. Every piece thoroughly tested. That’s why it’s here. We like it. If it was up to us, we’d own it all.

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