Countdown to the Finals


Thursday it was the women’s turn to put on a show at Buseater Wave on Canada’s Ottawa River and they didn’t disappoint. Local girl Ruth Gordon finished in the top spot, setting her up for Friday’s semis which will be followed by the finals. Unfortunately, she was the only Canadian to make to the round of ten. Three American women made it to the semis including Hanna Farrar (5th), Tanya Shuman (6th) and Devon Barker (10th).

The Jackson clan continued to represent with Dane and Emily taking first in the junior men’s and women’s prelims respectively. It was hard to tell whether Dane’s light weight helped him get higher off the wave but it couldn’t have hurt. He was easily able to throw the biggest tricks of the day without any trouble sticking them.

Father Eric also moved on, taking 8th in the men’s quarterfinals. He and Andrew Holcombe (9th) were the only two American men to make it to the next round. Nick Troutman and Billy Harris continued to kill it, holding on to their spots from the prelims with Troutman in first and Harris in second. Both looked like favorites to take the title with Troutman throwing a loop (that’s right a loop) – not to mention the a pair of completely clean air screws – and Harris nailing the cleanest helix of the competition.


Women’s Results (top ten move on)
1. Ruth Gordon-Canada
2. Tanya Faux-Australia
3. Fiona Jarvie-GBR
4. Maria Lindgren-Sweden
5. Hanna Farrar-USA
6. Tanya Shuman-USA
7. Mariann Saether-Norway
8. Kim Siekerman-Ireland
9. Lynsey Evans-GBR
10. Devon Barker-USA

Junior Women’s Results
1. Emily Jackson-USA
2. Martina Wegman-Netherlands
3. Nouria Newman-France
4. Katie Kowalski-Canada
5. Flic Meares-GBR

Junior Men’s Results
1. Dane Jackson-USA
2. Raul Collenteur-Netherlands
3. Evan Garcia-USA
4. Liam Corr-Australia
5. Thomas Fahrun-Canada
6. Ross Montandon-GBR
7. Micah Lyall-Canada
8. Andrea Marco Zarn-Switzerland
9. James Rowlinson
10. David Pharizat-France

Men’s Quarterfinals Results
1. Nick Troutman-USA
2. Billy Harris-Canada
3. Mathieu Dumoulin-France
4. Tyler Curtis-Canada
5. Ed Smith-GBR
6. Peter Csonka-Slovakia
7. Casper van Kalmthout-Netherlands
8. Eric Jackson-USA
9. Andrew Holcombe-USA
10. Richard Chrimes-GBR