AW Gets Wed. Releases for Montana’s Swan River


The fourth year of releases on the Wild Mile of Montana’s Swan River in Bigfork is underway. Wednesdays through the summer as long as sufficient flows last, whitewater releases will occur from 5 PM to 9 PM. Releases are contingent on project inflows equal to or greater than 800 cfs at 8 am the day of the release. The Wild Mile is truly a wild ride, over large crashing waves and through a beautiful protected canyon. It also offers up some great playboating and the opportunity to do laps down this run with easy shuttles. After your run, Bigfork offers excellent opportunities to get some good food and a cold drink. Be sure to tell your friends about the whitewater releases and encourage them to join and support American Whitewater. See you on the Swan where the water is warm and Class IV rapids and play await!