Confluence Hires New CEO


The interim is finally over. Friday, Confluence Watersports announced Sue Rechner would take over for Interim CEO Tom Nathanson, who has been at the helm since June.

Rechner signs on as President and CEO after serving as Preseident of Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc. where she led the watch and clothing brands. “Wilderness Systems, Perception, Mad River, Dagger, Wavesport and AT Paddle, these are premiere, authentic, heritage brands in paddling and the outdoors,” Rechner said in a press release.

Rechner will try to build on the momentum Nathanson started. It’s a tall task in an industry where manufacturers have to toe the line between keeping the core happy and making money. “This whole big box versus specialty is the question of the day,” Nathanson told Paddling Life in September. “I received a lot of council at OR from different people. Big box retailers are here to stay. But the specialty people are key to the market because they sell new customers with their knowledge and keep people coming back. This will always be one of our biggest challenges: satisfying both.”

The challenge was already on Rechner’s mind. “Confluence presents a unique opportunity for me to join a company that is a category leader built on a deep culture and passion for paddlesports. I look forward to continuing to build on the legacy of these great brands to position our retailers for growth.”

Rechner starts Dec. 17.