Esquif Pocket Canyon


Frampton, Quebec’s Esquif Canoes is releasing its new Pocket Canyon canoe in January 2008.

“It’s a smaller, lighter and smarter version of our popular Canyon model”, says Esquif’s Jacques Chasse. “We believe it’s creating a new niche for canoeists–it’s perfect for those wanting versatility, for female paddlers looking for something more maneuverable on and off and the water, and those looking for a boat that is perfect for a day trip or weekend outing.”

Available in Royalex in dark blue, its versatility is reflected in its 14’6” length, 34’’ beam, 16” depth and 60-lb. weight. “It’s stable, nimble and responsive,” says Esquif’s Eli Helbert. “It’s the perfect size for tandem teams camping out on smaller rivers. It’s also ideal for standing up and clowning around solo; fly-fishing; poling; or plain old showboating.”

Info: (418) 479-5351,