Dragorossi’s Mad Boy


Coming out this May is the Mad Boy: A multi-purpose creeker that handles a wider variety of whitewater than other more steeps-specific Dragorossi creekers. To increase its versatility Corran made the Mad Boy faster and a better tracking boat than previous Dragorossi creekers, but it does so at the expense of the king of instantaneous response found in the Critical Mass and Mafia. The trade-off makes for more predictable handling and the increased speed needed in bigger water. The new option opens doors for those of us who need one boat to perform consistently while running drops or high-volume whitewater.

“The boat goes back to my roots as an Olympic slalom paddler,” said Corran about the new model. “I love the feeling of a fast and responsive boat that has drive and responds to minute adjustments. But at the same time I wanted a boat that is safe and easy, you know, for those times when I’m over my head and scared. When that happens, I just want my boat to get me through whatever I’m in, and this is going to do that.”

This high volume boat is 257 cm long and 63.5 cm wide.
Check out dragorossi.com for more info.