Zoar Goes Paperless


Like long whitewater boats, print catalogs are going the way of the dodo. That’s what Charlemont, Mass.’s Zoar Outdoor has discovered, with its recent move to abandon its long-running print catalog in favor of listing its services online. “This was an environmental, as well as a financial decision,” says Zoar President Bruce Lessels. “Due to the majority of news being sent electronically through the internet, the use of print materials has declined enormously. We’re not printing our 16-page catalog this year for a number of reasons which boil down to improving the delivery of our message and saving resources.”

The annual four-color catalog has been mailed out to more than 25,000 clients each year. Zoar estimates that not printing it will save an average of 65 trees per year – about the number it’s using I n its new, highly popular zip-line operation. “We place a high value on trees as a business whose product is the outdoors,” says Lessels. “The beauty of the web is that you can get your message out continually and change it as needed. In addition, the web allows content to be interactive with video clips and forums with Facebook and YouTube. Prospective guests can get a much better idea of who we are and what we do before deciding to join us for an outdoor adventure.”

For more information, visit: www.zoaroutdoor.com, www.kayaklesson.com, www.deerfieldzipline.com.