Teva Commits $100K Toward Gulf Clean-up


Teva is assisting in the Gulf Of Mexico clean-up through a commitment of $100,000 through long-term partner, Waterkeeper Alliance.

“Waterkeeper Alliance is extremely grateful for the generous support of Teva in the face of this tragedy. Overcoming the damage from this ongoing disaster will demand a lot from us all, and it is heartening to see a brand like Teva stepping up to the plate,” says Kristine Stratton, Executive Director of Waterkeeper Alliance.

On Earth Day, 2010, the Gulf of Mexico was rocked with one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history. Already, fishing between the Mississippi River and Florida Panhandle has been shut down, putting incredible strain on the men and women who rely on the Gulf for their livelihood. Countless jobs will be and have been lost in the Gulf’s fishing and tourism industries, further pummeling an already struggling regional economy. The waters of the Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Mexico coastlines will be affected for years to come.

Through Teva’s continued commitment to being stewards of clean water along with their partnership with Waterkeeper Alliance, the emergency donation from Teva will assist in the effort to protect and clean up this delicate area. Together they will save marine life, wildlife, beaches and waterways that are relied on for fishing and recreation, and — most importantly – water.

“Water is the most precious of our natural resources, yet every day in the Gulf Region it is becoming more polluted,” says Pete Worley, Teva Brand President. “Teva has existed for over 25 years thanks to the waterways around the world that have been explored and enjoyed. This heritage, along with our longstanding partnership with Waterkeeper Alliance, is what compelled us to donate $100,000 to raise awareness for the Save Our Gulf effort. But that’s only a drop in the bucket. The time to act is now, because we are all part of the solution.”

Teva is tapping into their community in an effort to raise further awareness and funds for this effort. Join Teva at to find out how you can help in reaching the local Waterkeeper chapter’s goal of $250,000 towards this effort. For more information, contact Ian Anderson at 970-963-4873;