Great Guns, It’s Gore Fest


It’s got a capital G, Class V and the same season. But it’s not Gauley Fest. It’s the slightly simpler Gore Fest in Colorado, drawing the Class V racing set to Gore Canyon of the Colorado River the last weekend in August every year. The event, put on by Timberline Rafting of Vail, promises debauchery, death ferries and dunkings, and once again delivered a few surprises…

“The race was awesome as usual,” says organizer Lisa Reeder of Timberline Tours. “We want to thank all the boaters that continue to make this event happen. It’s a great way to end the raft season…”

Those who got caught in the Toilet Bowl hole (we won’t mention any names, Jimmy Hostetter), might beg to differ. But for everyone else it’s a way to have your adrenal glands help usher in the change in seasons.

This year also saw a changing of the guard as far as results. While everyone dodged boat-slowing eddies and hydraulics to the best of their abilities, in the overall category (and boats above 10 feet), Jakub Neumec captured the top spot at 20:32, followed by Jules Campbell at 20:48 and Ken Oliver at 21:23. In the 8 foot to 10 foot division, it was Connor Flynn paddling to first at 22:39, followed by Will Rowstron at 22:44 and Tom Janney at 23:04. Behind the 8 Ball took the raft division at 22:03, with Team Breckenridge close behind at 23:28, and Sarah Hamilton won the women’s race at 25:55, followed by Lori Russel at 27:39.

Classes were held for Kayak 8 feet and under; Kayak 8.1 feet to 10 feet; 10 feet and over; Raft; Creature Craft; Riverboarding; Shredder; and Open-Standing Division (this is the ‘most extreme’ venue for this class in the country.

Those wanting an easier route at SUP had the chance to paddle a SUP board from Launch 1 down to Launch 3 (3/4 mile) at the Pumphouse Recreation site, with free shuttles provided back to the launch.
And, yes, in case you’re wondering, the nighttime festivities were even rowdier than the water…


Kayak 10 feet and over
Jakub Neumec 20:32
Jules Campbell 20:48
Ken Oliver 21:23
Charlie McArthur 21:40
Ken “Hobie” Houve 21:41

Kayak 8-feet to 10-feet
Connor Flynn 22:39
Will Rowstron 22:44
Tom Janney 23:04
Dan Piano 23:16
Austin Woody 23:18

Behind the 8 Ball 22:03
Team Breckenridge 23:28
Timberline Women 26:12
USAFA 32:16
Ld’s Nuts 32:57
Blazing Beavers DNF

Sarah Hamilton 25:55
Lori Russel 27:39
Jessie Bohn 28:54

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