Colorado Residents Signatures Needed for “Save Our Rivers” License Plate


Colorado Trout Unlimited has revealed what the proposed “Save Our Rivers” license plate might look like. The non-profit, non-partisan conservation organization hopes that sales of the license plates can raise a minimum o f $75K for river protection in Colorado…

During the 2011 legislative session, Colorado Trout Unlimited will introduce a bill to create the Protect Our Rivers license plate. In order to introduce the bill CTU need 3,000 signatures by the end of November.

Once the bill is passed, Colorado residents can obtain a “Protect Our Rivers” license plate by making a one-time, tax-deductible donation of $25 to Colorado Trout Unlimited. This money will be used to help CTU fulfill its mission of protecting, conserving and restoring Colorado’s rivers by funding on-the-ground restoration projects, youth conservation education programs, and river advocacy. The money will remain 100% local, all funds will be allocated to
projects and programs within Colorado.

Colorado Residents can sign the petition here:

You will be asked to provide information to verify Colorado residency and encouraged to make a donation. NOTE: You are not required to purchase a “Save Our Rivers” license plate if you sign the petition.

Signing only indicates an interest in the license plate. The Department of Revenue requires that at least 3,000 signatures be collected from Colorado residents indicating an interest in the license plate. This helps ensure the plate will be well received before it goes into production.

The CTU also has a very informative FAG about the “Save Our Rivers” license plates here: