Fluid Kayaks Expands US Presence, Seeks Reps


Fluid Kayaks is expanding in the USA, and searching for reps. “With Fluid Kayaks North America keeping stock of minimum 300 whitewater boats at all times, and the start of production of our recreational kayaks in the USA in February, we are now in a position to offer opportunities to more reps to cover the different regions in the USA more effectively,” says company president Celliers Kruger. “We are specifically looking for reps in the following regions: California, North East USA, Mid Atlantic and the Great Lakes area.”

Reps will need to represent both the company’s whitewater and recreational lines. “We have a complete range of whitewater kayaks, and our recreational line currently consist of six sit-on-top models,” added Kruger. “The recreational line will be expanded substantially in the near future.”

Potential reps who want to become part of the growing company can contact the office at office@fluidkayaks.co.za