One More Time Around: Circumnavigating Australia


Stuart Trueman is hoping the third time is also a charm. Caffyn was 1st in 1983, then 27 years later Hoffmeister did it 2010. Now the Kokotat outfitted Trueman has decided it shouldn’t take another 27 before the continent of Australia is circumnavigated by kayak.

Caffyn’s original 1983 expedition took 360 days to complete, but Hoffmeister did it in just 332. For Trueman’s turn, he doesn’t seem to be in as much of a hurry. He understands that training, safety, and patience are more important that turning in a fast time on a journey like this. So Trueman has planned a 16 month trip; he departed from Broome Australia in April 2010.

“It’s taken three years of preparation to be able to get to Broome to start my trip”, says Trueman. “There are many problems beyond the actual paddling side that have to be addressed which if ignored can be just as much of an obstacle as a 200km set of cliffs.” He’ll return to Broome, located on the Northwest coast of Australia, in July of 2011.

The Australian coast presents many formidable obstacles for sea kayakers to overcome including: jagged steep cliffs, surf, lack of potable water, high winds, invariable tides, and underwater wildlife predators such as crocodiles and sharks. Additionally the colossal paddling distances require extreme endurance and excellent paddling skills.

Trueman has extensive experience with years of sea kayaking, mountaineering and outdoor adventure to draw on including having kayaked across Bass Strait by three different routes and he was one of a three man team to have paddled 800km of the Antartic Peninsula. He has also worked as a guide and instructor for the NSW Sea Kayak Club.

Kokatat has outfitted Truman with the appropriate gear for multiple conditions including: GORE-TEX® Paclite Anorak, MsFIT Tour PFD, Rear Pocket for PFD, Surfskin Pants, Destination Paddling Shirt, Destination Surf Trunk and Destination Vent Cap.

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