Zoar Outdoor Walks to Work, Drops 880 lbs!


Zoar Outdoor has been “The Northeast’s Leader in Outdoor Adventure” since 1989. More recently however, Zoar has been applauded for becoming a leader in the green movement as well. It’s a natural progression for a company that celebrates the great outdoors. When your every waking moment is spent with nature you become understandably protective of it.

This past May, the staff of Zoar Outdoor commenced a challenge to leave their cars at home and bike, walk or run to work. The staff have been actively car-pooling for several years in an effort to use less gas, put fewer cars on the road and help reduce their carbon footprints. This latest campaign is consistent with Zoar’s philosophy of maximizing resources in an effort to minimize environmental impact. Zoar Outdoor’s “Commuting to Work” Campaign has reached its goal of commuting 1000 miles to work this year using human-powered means.

Zoar offered employees $25 gift certificates to local restaurants for every 100 miles walked or pedaled to work. Out of all the employees who participated in the challenge, six employees surpassed 100 miles and earned a gift certificate! Through the collective effort of many employees, Zoar Outdoor completed their 1000-mile challenge on November 12, 2010.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency website, “In the United States, the transportation sector accounts for approximately one-third of greenhouse gas emissions and is the fastest-growing major source of greenhouse gases. From 1990 to 2004, Americans increased the number of miles driven annually by about 34%.

Meanwhile, the fuel economy of new vehicles declined because of increasing sales of light duty trucks, which overtook sales of passenger cars in 2002.” The overall Zoar Outdoor company total of 1000 miles prevented 880 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere this year!

Check out the ZoarOutdoor website.