AIRE Announces Video Contest for 2011.


Right now there is an AIRE kayak stored in a garage or a canoe waiting in a barn that come August will be featured in the winning entry for the AIRE Video Contest for 2011. Right now the field is wide open; everybody with a camera and an AIRE canoe, kayak, or raft has a chance of coming home with the top prize: a Tomcat Solo.

AIRE – Essential For Life. It’s not just a catchy slogan, it’s also the theme of the contest. AIRE wants the contestants to get creative. Huck yourself off a waterfall, get your freestyle on, or let mother nature take center stage. Just make sure you feature an AIRE product, keep the videos short, and keep your clothes on. Also, the video must be posted to YouTube, so YouTube rules apply.

The contest runs through August 1, 2011. This gives all the future Spielberg’s and Fincher’s out there have plenty of time to gather footage, edit the video, and alienate the cast and crew. (That last bit is purely optional) Just remember to thank all the little people in your acceptance speech.

Here’s a look at what the winners get:
Best overall- Tomcat Solo
Best edited- 30’’ landing pad
Runner up- 30’’ landing pad
Every entry also gets a hat or t-shirt.

Unfortunately, like all corporate sponsored contests, some people aren’t eligible to compete. AIRE employees and sponsored athletes can’t win. Neither can outfitters or shop owners, though their employees and guides can. For a rundown of rules and requirements check out :AIREVideoContest2011