KEEN Offers Customized Sandals


Don’t be surprised if you see individualized footwear – from straps matching jacket sleeves to bungees matching boats — out on your favorite waterway. Sandal manufacturer KEEN recently unveiled a new customization program for its Newport H2 sandal, letting wearers call the shots when it comes to motifs…

According to KEEN execs, the company offers more than 80 colors paddlers can choose from, with more than 65 million possible color combinations to create – almost as many as there are drops of water you’re paddling.

“Ten years ago, we revolutionized footwear with the original hybrid Newport sandal,” says KEEN vice-president Christa DePoe. “Now, customers can make our number one style their own by mixing and matching. There should be some pretty unique looks and color combinations our fans come up with.”

Customization is available at for the men’s and women’s Newport H2. Each piece of the shoe from outsole to laces, including the individual webbing straps, bungee laces, stitching, footbed, and more can be changed and colorized, resulting in a veritable potpourri of paddling options. People also have the ability order pairs made of different sizes or just one shoe.

Once designed, the sandals ship directly from the factory in about two weeks.