Power and Protection: The Mojo Refuel


Take teens on a multi-day rafting trip, and you’d better take some extra firepower to fire up their cameras. That’s what we found, anyway, on a recent trip down the Colorado’s Ruby-Horsethief and Westwater canyons, where the Mojo Refuel Armor Battery Case from iBattz proved worth its weight in PBR as a power solution for their iPhone 5s.

The beauty, we found, is that it offers protection as well as power, crucial in a rock-strewn environment like a river trip. Its exo-skeletal design protects from shocks and impacts — i.e. when Brooke dropped it on the hike to Little Dolores Falls. Better yet for sand water use, though not waterproof if dropped in the drink, its ports are sealed to keep out sand and splashes.

On the power side, the Mojo Refuel extends battery life thanks to a modular design designed around a 2200mAh swappable battery unit. This means the phone can always stay charged, with easy swapping of batteries.

For charging, simply put it inside the case, activate the charge button and watch power surge back like a river boil thanks to its 2 3.7V Lithium batteries. It’s also fast, halving charging time compared to a standard 500-mAh USB output power.

By day three, with countless photos of campsites, cacti and hiking and rafting action, already in the books, they charged it back to full power — just in time to tackle the rapids of Westwater canyon and shoot even more photos for their school project on the float out on the flats.

The Mojo Refuel Armor Battery Case retails for $89.95 and comes with a 2200 mAh I9300 Battery Module; Micro-USB Charge Cable; Pass Through Headphone Adapter; Armor Top Cover; and Armor Protector Sleeve. Note: when recharging the case — be it via conventional outlet or even solar chargers — if your phone is in it it will charge your phone first and then recharge the case. ᐧ