Corran Addison: Back With Soul (and Acquires Seven 2 Paddles)


Fresh back in Canada after selling off his Southern California Corran SUP venture, Corran Addison isn’t wasting anytime getting back involved in the paddlesports business, be it standing up or sitting down. While the ink isn’t even dry on the formation of his latest kayak company Soul Waterman, he also recently acquired paddle company Seven 2.

Seven2, the brainchild of Aaron Heap, was formed in 1999, specializing in innovative, ski pole-diametered, gripped shafts offering grip control, shaft dynamics and blade buoyancy. “It was about making the paddle feel more organic, while using the most advanced technology available,” says Heap, who brought the same technology into the golf market and shut the paddling company’s doors in 2007 .

Addison, meanwhile, is keen on its resurrection. “I was one of the paddle’s biggest fans, and have been hoarding them ever since they closed down,” he says. “I’ve honestly several others, and nothing comes close to the feel and control they offer. I knew I had to do something.”

That “something” was buy the company.

“We’ve hashed out some innovative ideas to take the paddles to the next level and just make it that much better,” he says.

Aaron will continue to be a minority owner in the brand, and stay on as a technical advisor. “No one knows the paddle better than he does or is better suited to help take this to the next level ,” says Addison.

“When Corran approached me I knew this was the time and the way to drive the future of seven2,” adds Heap.

Like its kayaks, the Soul version of the Seven2 paddle will be strictly for whitewater. The paddle will be on the market in its new form in 2016.