Kayak Distribution Acquires Core Paddles


Kayak Distribution, manufacturer of Boreal Design, Riot, Cobra Kayaks, Riot Sups, and Beluga Accessories is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Steve Horvath to purchase the assets of Core Paddles.

Horvath is an accomplished designer involved with a number of innovations in the paddlesports industry, most notably:

• first production thermoplastic composite paddles (Waterstick)
• AT paddles thermoplastic paddle line
• first production translucent blade technology (H2O)
• design/development full product line (H2O)
• first WW bent shaft with overmolded grip technology (H2O)
• first direct CAD to CNC cut WW boats: cut direct from 3D CAD (Fluid Kayaks)
• Thermalite thermoplastic Paddles (Robson)
• first 7000 series aerospace alloy shafted kayak paddle (CORE – Easton)

Horvath founded the company with “a vision to combine some of the most advanced technologies available into one solid cutting-edge product that is better than the combined efforts of all that had come before it.”

CORE, he adds, is “defined by a desire to look outside of the status quo to produce something beyond compare. A paddle that has no rivals. A paddle, and a company, that provides performance beyond what was available. A company that will add to your love of paddling.”

In 2013, Horvath sold his stake in the company but when the purchaser was unable to meet his obligations he was forced to recover the remaining assets and look for a new home.

After some discussions, he chose to work with Kayak Distribution to bring Core back to the marketplace due their unique combination of manufacturing skill and ability to bring the product to a global market.

“We are very exited to be adding Core to our lineup of product, while looking at the deal, it was quite amazing what Core had managed to achieve in terms of paddle weight, durability, comfort and cost, we feel it is a perfect addition to our current lineup” says Marc Pelland, president of kayak Distribution.

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