Kokatat Cancels American Made Gear Awards


Since 2013, Kokatat has pioneered and hosted the American Made Outdoor Gear Awards – a celebration of brands in the outdoor industry committed to domestic manufacturing. Now it’s no more.

“Today, with deep regret, we announce that we are suspending the AMOGA program as we reevaluate its scope and effectiveness,” says spokesman Matt Crawford of Pale Morning Media. “Through the program, we have been introduced to, and worked with, exceptional people and companies. We have been awed by the diligence of an impressive number of companies that take seriously their obligation to making outdoor products in the United States.”

Each year of the AMOGA program, Kokatat has given a “Sassy Award” to the one company it judged to have the most compelling story to tell about its commitment to American manufacturing and sourcing in the outdoor market. The Sassy, says Crawford, serves as a testament to the quality, craftsmanship and creativity in the outdoor world.

A number of companies have inquired as to how they might be the next Sassy recipient, Crawford says. “It is possible the AMOGA program will be refocused and restarted at a later date, but there are a number of practical, logistical decisions that must first be addressed.”

“We know American-made products are essential to the outdoor industry. They are the cornerstone of Kokatat. We will continue to celebrate and collaborate with brands that place a high priority on domestic manufacturing. Moving forward, we will explore other options to highlight the inspiring work being done throughout the outdoor industry.”