Maluna’s Unhinged Cooler: Your Solution to Warm Beer


Broken hinges on your raft cooler got you down? Crucial cold leaking out, leading to warmer beer? Kiss those problems goodbye with Maluna’s new Unhinged Cooler. Its solution: self-tensioning rubber straps on floating hinges that increase durability and thermal retention while decreasing the headaches that come from conventional busted hinges.

Self-tensioning straps are more durable than the hinges on your other coolers.






Thermodynamics expert and Unhinged Cooler designer Scott Hoyt engineered the rear hinges with the goal to increase the thermal retention and durability of the cooler. “The seal on the lid is the most important part of a cooler,” says Scott. “Heat acts a lot like electricity or water. It seeks the path of least resistance and can enter through even the smallest opening. The seal has to be as tight as possible.” To address this, Hoyt designed the Unhinged Cooler so that the entire perimeter of the lid, not just the front, is tightly sealed. The patent-pending self-tensioning straps in the rear of the cooler help achieve this.

In addition, the straps are on a floating hinge so they won’t break with over-extension like many other cooler hinges. The seal design along with the tapered walls help the Unhinged Cooler hold ice a reported 23 percent longer than its leading competitor.

Other features include a patent-pending thermometer on the drain plug; internal sensors to ensure contents are being effectively chilled; reversible feet that include a non-slip rubber side; a hard nylon side ideal for sliding the cooler into raft frame bays; and a stainless steel bottle opener, ergonomic handles, dry goods basket, and a customizable badge. The cooler comes with a lifetime warranty, and ships free within the continental US. Info:

–Ellese Lupori