Red Bull Eat Your Heart Out: Ride the Bull Kayak Tournament Has Anglers After Bull Reds


Talk about an event Red Bull might want to sponsor: they catch bull reds. The Ride the Bull Kayak Tournament, sponsored by Wilderness Systems, is a live catch and release bull red tournament based in Grand Isle, Louisiana, taking place on August 24-25.

Testing the skills of the country’s best kayak anglers, this year’s Ride the Bull event marks its 9th anniversary and is set to attract hundreds of anglers from all over the country to battle it out in the world’s largest extreme fishing kayak tournament.

Along with the Ride the Bull action that will be going down in the water over the course of two days, there will be a gaggle of vendors on display. Event participants and spectators can enjoy activations on land while the crowd awaits official weigh-in to see who brought home the biggest redfish.

“It’s important for us  to be a part of the Ride the Bull event each year, especially as a presenting sponsor for one of the largest kayak fishing events on the calendar,” says Adam Ott, Brand Product Manager at Wilderness Systems. “It’s a core group of anglers that feel as passionate about the sport as we do.”

Pitting teams from top fish kayak brands against each other, the head to head in redfish tournament will be head in Caminada Bay. All it takes is one fish to bring home the championship at Ride the Bull!