Gamechangers: Alpacka Raft Creates a “New Way to See the World”

Alpacka Raft

Alpacka Raft Pack Rafts Expand the Possible

Alpacka Raft’s more than two dozen employees design, cut, weld, glue, test and ship more than 2,600 Alpacka rafts across the world every year, all so people can get out and explore.“We really like showing people places where they can find their own adventure and exploration without necessarily traveling to the ends of the Earth,” says president Thor Tingey, who sparked his designer-artist mom on a new concept for backcountry travel nearly 20 years ago. “I think people like to see places — any place, really — for their first time. I tell people they might get more out of a less-spectacular unknown than they do with a super-spectacular known.”

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Changing the way people access the burliest waters in the country: Mancos’ Alpacka Raft crafts “a new way to see the world”