Old Town Bumps Pedal Drive Warranty to Five Years


Old Town Canoe has expanded their warranty on the award-winning Pedal drive to an industry-leading five years. The company calls its PDL pedal drive the most advanced and reliable kayak pedal-propulsion technology on the market, built with Old Town’s expertise and over 120 years of experience.

“We believe so much in our drive system, that we’re offering a warranty that is three years beyond our competition,” says Brand Manager Ryan Lilly. “Pedal kayaks have taken kayak fishing by storm. We designed the PDL drive with the fisherman in mind and to meet three critical objectives: maximum boat control, ease of use, and reliability.The drive warranty, coupled with our lifetime hull warranty, means that we truly have the best warranty on the market.”

Available in two models, the PDL is maintenance free and saltwater safe, requiring no additional upkeep. “If used in saltwater, we recommend that you rinse it down with freshwater after use,” Lilly says. “Otherwise, no tools, no grease, no time is required to maintain the drive system.”

Kayak anglers can install and deploy the PDL drive in seconds, maneuvering effortlessly while keeping their hands free to make the most of their time fishing on the water. Topping out at an impressive 5.5 mph, this prop-drive operates in forward and reverse by simply pedaling forward or backward. The patented docking system installs in seconds and can be easily tipped up in shallow water .

Old Town launched the PDL drive in 2016. Calling it the most advanced, easy-to-use pedal system on the market, the company now has an industry leading  warranty to boot. Info: http://www.oldtowncanoe.com