Jackson RV Goes for a Swim

Try swapping ends in this! The Jackson RV in the lake.

“So, this is not how I imagined this would go… looks like my dog didn’t think I was moving fast enough and gave me a little help… anyone want to buy a used RV?”

So says Eric EJ Jackson on FaceBook, after his heralded Jackson RV, which has taken him and his family to rivers and bass-fishing lakes around the country, slipped into the drink at Sam Rayburn Lake.

EJ was backing his boat in at Sam Rayburn Lake for the 1st FLW Tour stop on official day 1 of practice, when all of a sudden his dog, a beautiful Dalmatian named Bodi, somehow managed to hit the brake and the reverse switch at the exact same time (his other Dalmatian Rocksey was on board too). watch the video and you can see the reverse lights come on and then you see EJ kick into gear and hop in the RV to rectify matters. If it wasn’t for the screen door, he would have caught it much earlier.

It was caught on video by FLW Tour Pro Chuck Stratton with PowerStick-53” Gen2 (powered GoPro mount) & GoPro Hero 7 Black. Team YOLOtek used Chuck’s truck to pull the RV out, then Chuck rescued Eric’s boat that floated away. The video clip then went viral, appearing on everything fromInside Edition to MSN.com.

Try swapping ends in this! The Jackson RV in the lake.

Several Good Samaritan’s jumped right in and helped too.

For his part, EJ says he likes his new house boat.