SUP Mag Cancels PPG Games


Stand-up paddleboarders have one less event on their calendars this year with SUP magazine’s recent decision to bail on hosting the 2019 Pacific Paddle Games (PPG).

Despite this decision to no longer produce the event, the magazine says it is working closely with its sanctioning partner, the Association of Paddlesurf Professionals (APP), and California State Parks, to ensure the future of the event, exploring options to bring it back in 2020.

The APP plans to withdraw the PPG from its 2019 World Tour line-up.

“This was a tough decision and heavy news to bear,” says SUP mag editor Dave Shively. “It was our honor to produce a season-capping, championship-level event. The Pacific Paddle Games was a gathering, a marketplace and a celebration for athletes from around the globe, for brands pushing our sport ahead, and for spectators alike to showcase and to unite the SUP community on a storied stage.”

Shively adds that operating the event was difficult and expensive, and that it was a choice based on strategic changes at SUP Magazine and the Adventure Sports Network group (its parent company) following the recent sale to American Media, Inc. The cancellation would also free up resources to help it continue to create award-winning content for its readers.

“The pivot away from event production as sole operator of the Pacific Paddle Games means we are more committed to our readers,” he says. “That translates to continued audience development and growth in digital, social, and video production, now with the broadened audience connected with our new partners.

“If anything, the new ownership should help amplify our voice as a well-resourced media organization poised for the long term, investing in the future of SUPthemag and equipping it for the challenges that lie ahead.”

Shively adds that the magazine looks forward to working with the APP to bring back the event in 2020.

 The APP World Tour still has a full season of five high profile events with a total prize-purse of over $200,000 ahead, including the London SUP Open May 17 and Long Beach, NY beach festival taking place on Labor Day weekend.The Red Bull Heavy Water will once again serve as a Wildcard event to replace one of other distance results where relevant.

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