Team Imua Take First in Self-Supported 70-Mile Seventy48 Boat Race


In their first time ever rowing together, Team Imua — comprised of Greg Spooner and Thiago Silva — took first place at a unique self-supported, human-powered boat race between Tacoma and Port Townsend, Washington, called the Seventy48.

The team completed the second annual, 70-mile race course in just under 11 hours after starting at 7 pm from Tacoma’s Foss Waterway and ending at the city dock in Port Townsend in their open water rowing double.

They crossed the finish line at 5:49 am securing a prize purse of $5450; and being the first Backward Facing Class finisher.

Tacoma-based teams took second and third place just minutes behind Team Imua. Second place Team Blister in the Moon finished at 5:56 am in their open water quadruple rowing scull and two minutes later Team Wave Forager’s Ken Deem in a single rowing Maas 24 was third overall and first solo finisher.

“It was an eight-mile sprint to overtake them and put the nail in the coffin of the win,” said Spooner. “We could see the quad the entire race which really made it a dogfight. They would take a really wide course and catch a current shooting ahead, we’d catch up and take lead.”

Spooner and Silva have both raced across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans both with thousands of open water rowing miles under their belts. Spooner came in third place in the inaugural SEVENTY48 race last year. Back again with a victory, he called this race one of the finest ever.

Seventy48 is put on by the Northwest Maritime Center, a Port Townsend based non-profit that works to engage and educate people of all ages in maritime experiences. More information about Seventy48 can be found at