Oru Releases Revolutionary New User Friendly Folding Kayak: The Inlet


In its first-ever sub-$1,000 folding kayak offering, Oru is introducing the new Inlet, designed to eliminate all barriers to owning a fun, effective and convenient kayak for anyone with access to a waterway.

The Inlet represents the culmination of Oru’s unique “box-to-boat” experience and is the company’s most compact, lightweight and easy-to-set-up kayak to date. For less than $1k, people can now own a 10-foot long kayak that weighs just 20 lbs., folds into a box the size of a guitar case, and can be assembled in less than three minutes.

Oru developed an entirely new folding pattern to complete the design…the first new folding pattern since the company was started in 2012. Oru became a game-changer at that time as the first-ever kayak to use principals of origami to fold a full-size kayak into a box for convenient storage.

The Inlet utilizes a completely new origami pattern resulting in remarkable space savings, ease of assembly, and weight. At only $849, the Inlet is also 30 percent less expensive than Oru’s currently cheapest model (The Beach LT). The brand’s hope is that the packability, ease of storage, light weight and simplicity to build may just eliminate any barriers for anyone wishing to own a boat, especially with the pre-order price of $699 which just launched today, August 13, 2019.

Again, from box-to-boat, Oru says the Inlet takes less than three minutes to assemble…a record time for any folding boat.

Here are some of the crucial specs on the Inlet:

+ Weighs 20lbs. (36% lighter than current lightest Oru Kayak – The Bay ST)

+ 10’ x 31″ when assembled for stable on-water experience

+ Folds into a compact box about the size of a guitar case – 40”x18”x10” (34% smaller by volume than the next smallest Oru Kayak)

+ Kickstarter price is just $699