Jackson Adventures: A New Name to the Jackson Team

Jackson Kayaks, as we once knew it, launched as Jackson Adventures to bring their whole family of products: kayaks, boats, coolers, kennels, gear and outdoor essentials under one roof.

The release of Jackson’s first kayak was over a decade ago, but since then their business and product range has grown to reach not only kayakers, but adventurers, fisherfolk, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts too. In 2014, arrived the Orion coolers and then later on in 2019, the Orion kennels for the dog owners. In 2018, Jackson expanded a new category of personal recreational and fishing craft with Blue Sky Boatworks. It goes without saying that a renaming of the brand to accommodate Jackson’s product expansion was inevitable.

The new virtual home of Jackson Adventures includes all their new gear, products, content, and adventures, as well as whole new channels for Whitewater, Fishing, and Adventure. While the name has changed, Jackson Adventures still remains committed to inclusivity, the outdoor lifestyle, purposeful innovation, durable quality and product authenticity.

Check out Jackson Adventure’s new virtual home at www.jacksonadventures.com.