Mike Horn’s Pole 2 Pole Crossing with Alpacka Packraft

Alpacka Raft at the pole
Credit Horn & Ousland

In possibly one of the most ambitious and historical circumnavigations in our present time, Mike Horn transversed the entire globe on the Pole2Pole voyage; a circumnavigation of the planet via north-to-south-to-north route. Horn completed the journey by vehicle, sailboat (Pangea), skis, foot, and his trusty Alpacka packraft.

Mike Horn and teammate Borge Ousland
Mike Horn and teammate Borge Ousland completed the crossing of the Arctic via North Pole Crossing on December 8th, 2019. Credit Horn & Ousland

Alpacka Raft supported the expedition as the explorers traversed glaciers, ice fields, and paddled across some of the most treacherous landscape on earth. Both Horn and Ousland used Alpacka’s Classic Series boats to complete the journey. The explorers trusted the 5.9lbs boat for 80 days. The boat is a ‘Made in USA’ craft from Mancos, Colorado consisting of a 840-denier ballistic nylon floor, capable of holding 400lbs, and is a staple for travelers across the globe. Each explorer outfitted the boats as an Open boat with Alpacka’s patented Cargo Fly system.

Feeling Inspired? All you need to do is plan for 10 years, dress warm, commission your own expedition sailboat to get you there, and get a packrat.  Simple.

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